Where Do You Like To Read?

I was reading the Deseret News during my lunch break today and noticed that they have a column called How do you read? It advertises the newspaper and how people use it in their lives. I think this is an awesome way for the public to let the paper know what parts of the paper they read first and what sections they check regularly. The woman featured in the column I read always reads the paper while sipping her liver cleanse tea. Okay, so maybe that is a little TMI(too much information) but I really like the premise.

It would be fun to know where people like to read.  Through out my life I have always carried a book with me...in case I have a few minutes of wait time and could read.  Growing up I used to go read in a big blue chair with an ottoman.  I would drag my parents to the library weekly and take home a large amount of books.  Get a jar of cookies and hide it beside my chair and read. Now days I read in my bedroom on a reclining chair.  It has a light near by and if it is cold I have a quilt to cover me.

However, something has changed in how I read books in the last year. I use my Blackberry.   I have 20 titles I have purchased from ereader.com that I am reading.  These books include the biography of Einstein, "His Excellency" about George Washington, "The Lost Symbol", and several fantasy novels.  They all reside on my Blackberry and many have been read.   I still curl up in a big chair, but the format is different and much more lightweight.

Hope you are reading.


Anonymous said…
Amiable post and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you for your information.

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