Journals and Creativity

"Artists use sketchbooks to store ideas for future use. Bloggers have folders of bookmarks. And some authors keep notebooks or “commonplace” books."

I have been trying to expand my quilting into more art quilts.  Someone suggested doing small postcard quilts.  I have started two.  One using fabric and stamping with paint.  One using felted fabric and felting.  Next time I blog, I will put in the "in process" postcards.  They are still in process because I am so worried about being creative that I can't finish.

One other suggestion was to start an art journal.  Which I am going to try.  I love going to other blogs and seeing sketches with notation, ect.  However, I do not sketch.  So I am going to have to try something different. 

I made an art journal a few years ago but very little has gone in it.  I plan on pulling it our and starting again.  And since I can't sketch...I plan on making paper quilt ideas and taking photos.  Wish me luck.

Here are some of my paper quilt ideas...many that will never go beyond this journal.

One well-known author recorded “ideas, images, quotations hastily jotted down for possible future use… for the most part they are merely suggestions or random impressions designed to set the memory or imagination working. Their sources are various—dreams, things read, casual incidents, idle conceptions, and  so on…”

Do you journal using a blog, letters, or a journal?

Do you have a current art journal?

Why do you journal?


zquilts said…
Wonderful work!
I've become quite taken with art journaling - to the detriment of my quilting at the moment! I have gotten many great ideas for quilts through my journals though!
Thanks so much. I am now working on small postcard quilts to try techniques...I am finishing one done with needlefelting
Michigoose said…
Hmm. My quilting "journal" is more like a commonplace book. In it I do sketches to work on a concept, put in thoughts I have, and tape in images I'm thinking about.

My blog is like a journal in some regards because I talk about things that interest/bug me...but it is mostly about quilting and least the main one. Then I have one which is solely on my long term breast cancer survivorship (I'm hanging in 13 years after a stage IV diagnosis) and other thoughts/ideas/information to assist breast cancer survivors.

Neither of these are a diary. I suppose they classify as a journal, but certainly not a daybook.

Nice job on your little quilts and thanks for your kind words on mine.
How wonderful 13 years as a survivor. My sister-in-law had breast cancer at around 38 and is at five years now.

thanks for commenting
John said…
Hi Sue, I like the idea of a postcard quilt. For me it is much like a thumbnail sketch. It's fun to get an idea out sometimes without having to make the Taj Majal. Nice quits!

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