Adding to the Basics of your Food Storage

  I have tried to have food storage in the past..  We bought cases of what we liked and did not rotate the  items and they went over date and we threw them away.  With the earthquakes in Haiti, we live on an earthquake fault, I thought I might need to think of emergency food storage.  Then one of my friends' daughter had problems getting food from grocery stores during this winter's snow storms back east.  So I have started buying dehydrated canned food..that will not spoil.  One or two items a week.  Then I will add a few items I will rotate like water and peanut butter.  By the way I do buy from Honeyville Grains...since they started a few miles from my home town.  However, I also buy from other stores who sell food storage items.  So the reason I have Honeyville Grain pictures is that I could find them on the Internet and I like photos with m blog

Here are some ideas of adding to the Basics:

Adding to the Basics
. . . Bulk Food Storage Expanded
. . . A Six Step Plan
Add some variety to your bulk food storage.
IF I HAVE Wheat, Powdered Milk, Oil, Salt, Honey or Sugar, Water
I CAN MAKE Popped Wheat ,Steamed Wheat, Sprouted Wheat, Cooked Cracked Wheat, Tortillas

IF I ADD Yeast, Baking Powder, Powdered Eggs, Baking Soda
I CAN MAKE THESE ADDITIONS: Custards, Puddings, Pancakes, Cookies, Waffles, Muffins, English Muffins, German Pancakes, Crepes, Egg Noodles, Pasta, Breads, Biscuits, Crackers, Mayonnaise. A lot more options huh? Keep reading.

IF I ADD Powdered Butter, Tomatoes, Powdered Cheese
I CAN MAKE THESE ADDITIONS: Meatless Dinners, Meatless Casseroles, Cream Sauces These really add flavor.

IF I ADD Unflavored Gelatin, Canned Milk, Canned Fruits
I CAN MAKE THESE ADDITIONS: Jello Salads, Whipped Cream Desserts, Baby Formula, fruit dishes Mmm, now we have desserts.

IF I ADD Soup Base, Rice, Legumes (Beans), Beef Broth, Chicken Broth, Alfalfa Seeds, Sesame Seeds
I CAN MAKE THESE ADDITIONS: Hearty Dinner Soups, Chili, Rice Puddings, Refried Beans, Rice Dishes, Fresh Sprouts, Gluten This would really expand your dinner menu in an emergency.

IF I ADD Canned Meats, Dried Potatoes
I CAN MAKE THESE ADDITIONS: Dinners, Casseroles, Sandwiches. This may not sound like a lot but a meaty flavor can make all the difference.

EXTRAS: Oats, Raisin, Nuts, Peanut Butter, Granola, Juices, Corn Starch, Soup Mixes, Spices & Flavorings, Lemon Powder or Juice, White Flour, Shortening or Margarine, Cream of Tartar, Junket Rennet Tablet, Molasses, Karo Syrup, etc. These are small things that you could do without but really add variety to your diet.
What do you cook with? Add it to your food storage.

Do you have a 72 hour kit?  Do you have some food storage?  Share with me how you are doing.



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