Groundhog Day and making the most of our days

I was watching Groundhog Day with my husband this week.  I have seen it several times, but this time it spoke directly to me.  It was still funny.  Bill Murray was still Bill Murray.  But as I watched him 
near the end of the movie I was touched by his use of his days or in his case his day that came again and again.  At the beginning of the movie as he awakes everyday to another groundhog day, he first drinks and then he tries to kill himself by different methods.  But as the day happens again and again, he starts making something of these days one day at a time.  He starts learning how to play the piano, how to ice sculpt, 
and how to speak French.  In our busy life, there are so many things 
we want to accomplish, but we have so little time.  But each of us has a day at a time or an hour at a time.
If we want to write a novel, if we can write for a hour each night.
If we want to start an emergency food supply, we can buy one item a week.
Each day is there to be used.  We do not need to be stressed about our goals.
Just slowly work on them


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