Apple's I Pad

The long awaited answer to Kindle (ebook reader) came out recently.  As I was driving home I heard a female reporter on NPR mention how it was certain that there was no women in the room when the I-Pad was named.  Then my daughter mentioned how Mad TV had done a skit about a mythical new product from Apple called the I-Pad a while ago.  So I looked it up on the internet and I have it on my blog below. 

I have been using my blackberry to read ebooks.  I have about 20 on there.  And I love using the Blackberry and having use one device to read by ebooks, phone, search the internet, and call.  It is small and light. I read the book "The Lost Symbol" by Dan Brown...which would have really been heavy to carry around,   I read can read on the small screen...when I buy a new smart phone I hope to get one that will have a little larger screen...but I do not one one with a large screen like the Kindle.  We have purchased a Sony reader for the Library staff to try out, since the ebooks we purchase right now will only download to a computer or to a Sony ereader.


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