Scrapbooks and Photography: Collage Prints from Snapfish

I have been working on printing my digital pictures using Snapfish.  Some of the photos are old family pictures that go back to the 1800's.  Some I recognize and know who they are.  Some my Father who died two years ago could not tell me who they were.  I know it is one of my Grandmothers...from Poland...taken in Canada with her children and their spouses.  I Father thought that it was his Grandmother Caroline.  She moved to Canada with all her children in the late 1800's.  I do not know if her husband stayed in Poland or had died.  She is the mother of my Grandfather John.

All I have in the way of photos and family history I have done.  My mother had a large box of photos with no labels.  Some I know....and some I do not.  So I am going to make sure my chilldren know who these people are by labeling the photos or if they are in one of my labeling the back of the scrapbook page.

I send all of my photos to Snapfish.  I get individual photos and organize them my family name to eventually go into the many pages I have made.   When I do all of them I will then make more pages.
One service they have is a collage print.  And that is where you can pick photos from your digital photos and create a collage.  I love them.  Since, I can put them in the front and back page of my scrapbook and make copies of the collage to send to relatives or friends.  I made on of Disneyland from last year for someone who came with us and gave it to him.  Great ideal!



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