My dad had a stroke a week ago.

My dad, Walter Charles Holmes, is 92 years old and he had a stroke a week ago.  Until the stroke,  he had been in good mental health and was able to be a little independent.  He has been living with us for the last 7 years after my mother died.  A dear friend from my college day, Wendy, wrote me when she found out Dad had had a stoke a week ago." Getting parents safely out of life can be a real challenge."  She had just cared for her Dad before his death.   Dad is still at home with us, although, I could not do this with out my grown daughters and my husband, since he cannot be alone.  He had a blessing for the sick Sunday and basically it did not call for any miracles, but, he blessed him with peace and  heavens doors were opened when he go to see his wife, Mildred and his parents.

The pictures of him are 1.  World War II, Army Air Corps, Picture of his parents family with him the tall young man behind his older sister, a picture of him with Jenny at about 3 (she is now 22) and the last was taken a few months ago.




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