Today’s post is, quite simply, an ode to the loveliness of being able to read out of doors. This glorious gift of sun causes celebrations of many book lovers, young and old.  I have noticed people in the parks when it is sunny and warm reading.  Families watching their children play on the park equipment and some of them reading a book to their little ones.

Utahans are a hardy bunch, of that there can be no dispute. But we’re also not foolish about the sun. Gifts of warm early spring weekends do not get lost on us. We go out and when we’re tired of cleaning the yard, we read under a tree, on a deck, at a bus stop, anywhere we can feel the sun we can be found with a book in our hands.

There is a freedom that comes with being able to read outside after a long winter. It is quite simply the hope that warmer weather has finally arrived and I am filled with a simple joy: a book, a chair and a glass of water, my cat laying in the sun looking for bugs and birds, and  I’m almost as happy as I can get.  I love the moments in the spring when it is not too hot, reading on my lawn swing in the backyard.  So since this weekend is going to be nice, find a few books and a good lawn chair.



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