I have a confession to make. The book that got me hooked on reading was....here it is...Nancy Drew. My best friend's mother had kept all her old Nancy Drew books, you remember them...with brown or green covers...no cover art. They were in my girl friend's bedroom in a bookcase. My friend let me borrow them and I think I read all 144. (I know there weren't really that many.) And I got hooked. Now I can't look at a Nancy Drew book without getting a little ill. But now you know that is what got me to become a reader, to haunt my local library, and to get in the comfortable blue chair in our living room with my stack of books and read.

“A number of authors and celebrities are participating in “What Book Got You Hooked?”— a national awareness campaign from First Book, the children’s literacy organization that provides new books to children from low-income families. The 15-year-old organization has just given its 50 millionth book to children in need.”Read more about the project in the Publisher’s Weekly article “Authors Share the Books that Got them Hooked on Reading.”
BONUS - read the celebrity reading list on the First Book website. Check out the top 50 books that got America hooked on reading (over 100,000 people responded to their poll!)

QUESTION – which book got you hooked on reading?Post your comment below.


The Bobsey Twins. Is that how you spell Bobsey? You would think the name would be imprinted on my brain because I read all the books at a very young age.
Anonymous said…
They were very popular also. And the Hardy Boys for boys. Alfred Hitchcock presents...

Nancy Drew is becoming popular again with the movie out.


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