Traditional Quilting vs Art Quilting

I have been having fun making paper quilts. I enjoy making traditional blocks and matching seams. Sound strange to those why love fusing everything. Does a quilt have to be fused to be considered art? My answer would be no.
Here is my frog quilt. Below is my star quilt I made for my husband who is a science teacher and loves space. In fact he went to a conference this summer at Cape Kennedy for teachers and had a wonderful time. I guess I am going to continue with my quest to become the type of quilter I want to be. I would like to add creativity to my quilts whether they are pieced or fused.

I guess I am not in the mood to create because one of our cat's died on Monday evening. She was old and we treated her well. In fact, she was over 18 years old. But she is my 89 year old dad's cat and he lives with us. Since mother died a few years ago, this cat has been his companion. I really wanted her to stay for Dad's and her sake. She really loved him. She would follow him around the house and wait for him to come home at the door. We will really miss Petuna. I have noticed Dad has put Petuna's picture with Mom's near his television chair.



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