It's Time for New Years Resolutions

Christmas is a memory. New Years is coming! Have you started making your New Years Resolutions?

I have! I have a few for this year.

1. I have a home with so much storage is not funny. And all of it is full. So I am going to go through all the cupboards, all the closets and decide what to throw away and what to give away. I did this a little in December and in going through my scrapbook/card making things I was amazed what I found again. We do this "weeding" in libraries....we evaluate our books and decide what needs to be withdrawn. I won't go through the science behind this...I will only say ...we find when a collection has been weeded....the books that are left on the shelf...circulate more since you can see them better.

2. I want to continue eating well and biking on my indoor bike. I lost several pounds in the fall and now I need to continue for my health.

3. I want to take a long arm quilting class at Village Dry Goods...a wonderful local quilt store.

Their are other resolutions ... about loved ones and family..I will keep to myself...I will only say the most important things in life are not material things but memories of friends and family. I want to make those types of memories this year.



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