eBooks and the future

I went to a library conference on the Future of Libraries on September 10th and 11th at the Salt Lake Public Library. Helene Blowers spoke on "Finding the Phoenix: Flight and the Future of Libraries." She started talking about ebooks...books that are published electronically to be read on a computer, a Kindle, a cellphone, or another devise. They are not published on paper at all. She mentioned that it has been estimated that the Amazon Kindle sold 500,000 readers in the first year, more than a third more than the first years sale of the Apple's iphone.

At the Brigham City Library we have several thousand eaudiobooks and several hundred ebooks. The eaudiobooks are very popular. I download several at a time to my MP3 player. I have encouraged the purchase of ebooks in science, computers, and fiction...because I feel ebooks are the future. But although I have downloaded one or two to my computer and even to my small 8 inch Acer travel computer. I really ended up not reading the books I checked out. It is hard to curl up with a computer even if it a small Acer computer.

So why don't I purchase a Kindle or a Sony reader...they are more like a book? I at this time will not purchase them because they only function as a reader...I want a machine that I can carry easily, I can use to get to the Internet and my email when I am away from my computer, I can use as a phone and that also can be used as a ebook reader. I want multifunction. I do not think I am alone in this.

Well on the 15th of September, I sound my perfect ebook reader with multifunction including the ability to use to listen to music...I had owned it all along. It is my Blackberry cell phone. I had pre-ordered ":The Lost Symbol as an ebook from ereader.com. If I ordered it before it was published it was only 9.99. On the 14th, the day before the book was available, I noticed that ereader had a program for the Blackberry. So instead of loading the Lost Symbol to my Acer, I loaded it to my Blackberry.

I love reading from my Blackberry. It is small. It has many functions. I can curl up in bed or in a chair and read. The print is backlit so I can read in the dark and not disturb my husband. Yes, the print is the size of a book....but I have good eyes. I know I can blow up the print on my Acer or if I purchase a Kindle, so if my eyes need larger print I may buy one latter.

As Helene stated in her speech, "Do not worry about the death of the book. The book will still be with us. It however, may be in a different format."

By the way, I am loving The Lost Symbol" by Dan Brown...we have 4 copies in hardback and 3 audiobook. Come check one out....it is a winner.



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