I Might Be Watching too Many Food Network Shows.

I just came back from Chicago. And it was a wonderful experience. Great sunny cool weather. Great small hotel. And wonderful food. However, I have one question for me and my husband. Are we watching too much food network this summer? We have been watching Food Network Challenge, Good Eats with Alton Brown, and a few other show. In fact, we made reservations at one restaurant "David Burke's Primehouse:", because it's pastry chef was on Food Network's Chocolate Challenge. And we went to another restaurant called "James on Halsted" before we went to a Blue Man Show. It was wonderful and the first thing both of us thought as we looked at our main dish was "great presentation."
Picture of my husband Steve, science teacher at Adele C. Young Intermediate, with Blue man. I could go on and on about my wonderful meal at the James and at David Burke's. In fact, I will go on about David Burke's. We had a sunday evening dinner special for two. It started with Yorkshire Pudding, appetizers of scallops and dumplings, a caesar salad made at our table, prime rib with mash potatoes, white macaroni and cheese, asparagus and tempura green beans. It ended with a red velvet cake baked in a tin, vanilla ice cream, two cookies, two small shakes, and three candies. In fact, the bring out the beaters from the red velvet cake as you wait for it to be cooked so you can lick them. A wonderful experience.
Jack's on Halsted has a wonderful brie/honey pizza appetizer with grapes and greens.


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