Next week is the annual Utah quilt guild show and convention. I have an art quilt in the show. A two piece flower quilt that I made a class with Trish Stewart. It has foiled first time foiling and I love it. In fact, I just finished a Japanese style wall quilt in blues that I foiled and I am having it quilted. I will put a picture in of my hawaiian floral quilt next week when I go to the quilt show. I am very tired of the same old quilts and quilt patterns and I am trying to expand....but I still love traditional piecing. So we will see what happens in my work. This is a picture of a lap quilt that has been sitting in the closet for a year...a UFO. Oh well?

Quilting is alot more fun than thinking about financial markets. My husband keeps saying...its alright if the market is down....we can buy more stock through our mutual funds....but the market has been down for so long. At least both of us have jobs and are not ready for retirement.
I would hate to be retiring now with finances the way they are. Every time I go to the grocery store I am shocked when another product is up so high. Like generic store bread for $4.99. At least in Utah our milk is still under $3.00.

how well.



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