On My Way to Chicago

I go early tomorrow to one of my favorite cities to visit: Chicago. I have grant training at the Newberry Library. My small library is one of 23 libraries nationwide to host a new traveling exhibition on "Lewis and Clark in Indian Lands" My biggest problem is that we also have an exhibition on Alexander Hamilton coming in May/June of 2008 and this Lewis and Clark Exhibition come in December 2008 til Feb. 13th. Only about 6 months between to two. The Lewis and Clark exhibition will have at least 13 programs at the library with scholars coming, a exhibit at the city museum on the local Shoshone tribe. Alot of contracts and publicity and planning with both of them in the same year. But I am excited.

My 20 year old college student daughter is coming with me. She will miss one day of classes, but is really excited about going to the Field Museum which she loves and see the exhibit on Darwin. She has read a few books about him such as "The Reluctant Mr. Darwin." She went to her university library this morning between classes and found out they had a nine volume set of letters of Darwin...and she checked one out. The other book she is reading for fun is "Nixon and Kissinger" We saw the play "Frost and Nixon" on Broadway in early June and she has been fascinated with Nixon ever since. (She is a history major...does this explain it all....perhaps since her mom is a Librarian, her dad a science teacher who reads everything...maybe that explains it more.)

We are looking forward to seeing our friend Pam who is an editor of a journal "American Libraries" We are taking her out to dinner. Pam and Jenny are the picture at the first of the blog. In fact we have planned most of our stay around food and I hope culture.

I almost have a lap quilt done...just a few more applique flowers to add. When I get back I will post it to my blog. Then I will be taking four days of classes with Libby Lehman.


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